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CV568 is a miniature Broadcast quality global shutter HD Camera encased in a durable body which makes it ideal for video production of all types including sports, racing, newscast, weathercast, live events, studio, theatre, television, streaming, house of worship, eSports and various types of media production.


Miniature Global Camera with Genlock (3GSDI & HDMI)

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Miniature HD Camera with Global Shutter and Genlock Sync features. Built around an impressive 1/1.8" Sony global sensor with 25% larger pixels and interchangeable M12 lens mount (comes with a 4.4mm - 84°) make this the most capable POV camera in the miniature camera lineup.

New Global Shutter CMOS Technology

Global Shutter camera sensors are nothing new to the broadcast proAV industry, however when users are challenged to capture ultra-fast motion within the field-of-view, motion anomalies become more of a challenge - Sony Global Shutter sensors perform better in these conditions as all pixels are exposed (start to finish) simultaneously.

CV568 camera with Genlock Tri-Level Sync Feature

Genlock Tri-Level Sync Feature

Tri-level sync allows multiple cameras to be plugged into HD workflows already in sync (genlock) which allows for seamless transitions between cameras with minimal amount of delay. Tri-level runs at higher frequency which makes the HD60 signal sync more accurate and more seamless.

25 percent larger pixel size

25% Larger Pixel Size

Larger physical pixel sizes allow for greater accuracy of color and clarity even in low-light applications. The CV568 utilizes a Sony Exmor 1/1.8" sensor with larger physical pixels to deliver step-up broadcast quality images from a miniature camera size.

25 percent larger pixel size

Durable, Flexible, Powerful

Marshall Miniature Cameras are cut from individual aluminum alloy blocks, designed with rear I/O connector protection, solid 1/4"-20 mount type, and flexible interchangeable lenses. Ability to remotely adjust and match a POV camera from a control room that is installed hundreds or thousands of feet away is a powerful tool and comes standard with every Marshall Camera.

  • Large 1/1.8" Global Shutter Sensor
  • 3.2 Megapixels with 25% larger pixel size
  • Simultaneous 3GSDI & HDMI outputs
  • Mic/Line Level (2.5V bias), AUDIO stereo embedding up to 48kHz
  • Flexible Interchangeable Lenses – 12MP 4.4mm (100° AOV) comes standard
  • Tri-Level Sync (Genlock) for faster, more accurate camera switching
  • SMPTE 424M (2.97Gbps) - 3GSDI:
    • 1920x1080p @ 50, 59.94, 60fps
  • SMPTE 292M (1.485Gbps) - HDSDI:
    • 1920x1080p @ 23.97, 24, 25, 29.97, 30fps
    • 1920x1080i @ 50, 59.94, 60fps
    • 1280x720p @ 50, 59.94, 60fps
  • Image Mirror/Flip, Digital Zoom, Digital Image Stabilizer
  • Microphone/Line Level input with 2.5V Mic bias
  • Color Matrix control: Style, Master level/phase, Color level/phase
  • Environmental: -10°C ~ 50°C
  • Includes 12v power supply, can operate 12V+/-10% with a 6 watt draw


Broadcast, Production, Sports, Racing, Newscast, Weathercast, Live Events, Aerospace, House of Worship, Courtroom, Government, Education, eSports, Nature, Live Concert, Podcast, Studio, Stage, Science and Technology

Compatible HD Prime Lens Options (M12):

Part Number Description & Horizontal AOV
CV-4804.4-12MP 4.4mm, F2.7 12MP M12 Lens; Horiz AOV = 100° (1/1.8"), 70° (1/2.8")
CV-4712.0-3MP 12.0mm, F1.8 3MP M12 lens; Horiz AOV = 33°
CV-4716.0-2MP 16.0mm, F1.8 2MP M12 lens; Horiz AOV = 25°

Compatible 8MP Prime Lens Options (M12):

Part Number Description & Horizontal AOV
CV4804-8MP 4.0mm F1.8 8MP M12 Lens - 90° (1/2.5"), 85° (1/2.7"), 80° (1/3")
CV4808-8MP 8.0mm F1.8 8MP M12 Lens - 70° (1/2.5"), 62° (1/2.7"), 50° (1/3")
CV4812-8MP 12.0mm F1.8 8MP M12 Lens - 50° (1/2.5"), 42° (1/2.7"), 33° (1/3")

Compatible 5MP Prime Lens Options (M12):

Part Number Description & Horizontal AOV
V-555.0-5MP-VIS-IR M12 5.0mm F2.0 5MP M12 Lens - 63° (1/3"), 75.5° (1/2.5"), 98° (1/1.7")
V-557.6-5MP-VIS-IR M12 7.6mm F2.0 5MP M12 Lens 40.4° (1/3"), 48° (1/2.5"), 60° (1/1.7")

Compatible HD Varifocal Lens Options (M12):

Part Number Description & Horizontal AOV
CV-0622-5MP 6.0~22mm, F1.6 5MP Varifocal M12 lens; Horiz AOV = 46~16°

Actual viewing angle may vary depends on image sensor specs and camera design. *Horizontal Angle-of-View (AOV) in degrees are approximate and vary according to exact sensor size and design.
**If camera model contains IP67 weatherproof cap, there may be some limitation as to which lenses will allow cap to fit back on camera.
Touchscreen RCP Camera Control


Touchscreen RCP Camera Control
Remote adjust & match cameras via RS485

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Mini Camera Stands and Mounts accessories

1/4"-20 Mounts

1/4"-20 Compact Camera Stands & Mounts,
Clamps, Articulating arms and more...

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10 feet Hirose Breakout Cable


10 foot (3.05m) Hirose Breakout Replacement Cable for
CV Series Cameras

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Touchscreen RCP Camera Control


USB to RS485/422 Adapter for use with Marshall Windows Camera Control Software.

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CV-PT-HEAD Micro Pan and Tilt Head


Micro Pan/Tilt Head

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