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Full-HD PTZ Camera with NDI
HD PTZ Camera with IP, 3G/HD-SDI, HDMI

Marshall PTZ cameras

Marshall PTZ Cameras offer high-quality, crisp video in a smooth, tri-synchronous Pan-Tilt-Zoom motor, controllable through remote, RS-232, or Ethernet connection. Available in black or white with 3G-SDI, IP, HDMI, and HDBaseT outputs.
24 inch 4K Master Confidence Monitor

24" 4K Master Confidence Monitor

The Marshall V-R241-4K Monitor is an ultra-high-definition master confidence monitor that is perfect for remote production trucks, broadcast studios, and editing rooms.
POV 4K Cameras

HD/UHD/4K cameras

Marshall's versatile HD/UHD/4K cameras are designed around the latest in sensor technology and refined to meet the highest in broadcast standards.
Broadcast production monitors

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Distribution Amplifier
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