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Marshall Electronics Optical Division - Pinhole Adapter Lens changes camcorders to covert operation.

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Pinhole Adapter Lens
Changes Camcorders to Covert Operation

Pinhole Adapter Lens

Viewing tip
E-Z Install with quick mount tip sleeve
V-Z CAM4 Lens
Adapter Ring
  • Installs directly on to front of camcorder zoom lens with quick mount tip sleeve
  • Angle of view - 70° (allows you to observe the motion of a nearby person)
  • Expands the view angle of camcorders
  • High resolution image
  • High Fidelity TV image
  • High quality optics maintain picture quality
  • Compatible with most camcorders using four included lens adapter rings
    • 37mm × 0.75 (Sony analog)
    • 30mm × 0.75 (Sony digital)
    • 30.5mm × 0.5 (Panasonic)
    • 27mm × 0.5 (JVC)

V-z CAM4 Lens

V-Z CAM4 Lens
Quick Mount Tip Sleeve
3 Viewing tips included
Four Adapter Rings included

adapter Rings

37mm x 0.75
30mm x 0.75
27mm x 0.5
30.5mm x 0.5

The V-ZCAM4 pinhole lens allows using most camcorders with 37mm, 30.5mm, 30mm or 27mm filter thread for covert applications. It can operate inside a bag or suitcase and behind a curtain or wall. The pinhole lens has specially designed optics that inverts the image allowing controls to be accessed through a bag or suitcase. It comes with four different lens adapter rings for use with most camcorders in the market.

Install guide icon

Diagram of Pinhole Adapter lens

Tripod mounting requires additional brackets

Illustration of tripod mounting


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