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Marshall Electronics Optical Division - Fixed Video Microscope Objectives for security, robotics, imaging, machine vision, OEM applications, automobile, industrial video, covert security, and surveillance markets.

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V-5005X / V-5010X
Fixed Video Microscope Objectives

Fixed Video Microscope Objectives
  • Up to 300x Magnification
Excellent for converting video cameras into powerful microscopes for production line inspection or quality control applications. Uses extension tubes to increase magnification. Attaches directly to any "C" mount camera with the V-MC adapter ring ($23.00). Since the objective lenses have no iris and small openings for maximum depth of field, it requires controlled lighting for best performance.

Part No. V-5005X V-5010X
Objective 5x 10x
Magnification 2.4x - 162x 86x - 300x
Min. Mag on 9" monitor 2.4x 86x
Length of lens system 25mm 49mm
Working Distance 386mm 9.4mm
Max. Mag on 9" monitor 162x 300x
Length of lens system 145mm 170mm
Working Distance 16mm 4mm
Price $83.20 $108.35


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