Marshall Electronics Optical Division - Economy C-mount Lenses for security, robotics, imaging, machine vision, OEM applications, automobile, industrial video, covert security, and surveillance markets.

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Economy C-mount Lenses

Economy C-mount Lenses 45 series
These 4500 series lenses provide maximum performance for auto-shutter cameras not needing a manual iris lens. Lenses are made from high quality glass elements for maximum performance. The 4500 series lenses are all C-mount mount lenses with manual focus.

Part No. Specs Field of View (H × V in Degrees) Price
    1/2" format 1/3" format  
V-4504ML 4.0mm, f2.5 - 62 × 50 $29.50
V-4512 12mm, f2.0 28 × 22 22 × 12 $25.71