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Marshall Electronics Optical Division - Miniature Color Lipstick Camera with Built-in Light Source for the automobile, industrial video, covert security, and surveillance markets.

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V-3214L - EOL

Miniature Color Lipstick Camera with Built-in Light Source

Miniature Color Lipstick Camera with Built-in Light Source
V-3214L    Price: $799.95

This V-3214L miniature lipstick camera is available with V-3214L has a light source attached. With the light source, the remote head is only 0.55" in diameter and 4.0" long. Comes with a micro 2.1mm, f2.9 lens that gives a 87° viewing angle on its 1/4" (542 × 497) CCD sensor and optional lenses are available (see below) for telephoto and microscopic applications.
The camera head is connected to the miniature control unit by a 38" super flexible Mogami cable. The control unit allows power to go to the camera head and video to return. The unique camera head design allows it to be used for numerous industrial, machine vision, robotics, quality control and surveillance applications. Camera comes with a 12V power supply and 75" video cable with an RCA plug on the end (shown below). Camera is currently only available in NTSC format.

Optional Magnifiers (can only be used with V-3214L camera):
V-3214-M200 ($99.95) - 200X Magnifying Lens;
V-3214-M290 ($99.95) - 290X Magnifying Lens

Optional Magnifiers - V-3214-ER ($39.95), Extension Ring converts 120x lens to 200x, 200x to 240x and 290x to 330x magnification.

Accessories Included

  V-3214L - The light from the 4 LED's passes through the acrylic bar and gathers at the edge of the edge of the bar and then shines ahead of the lens and camera head.


Power Supply
75" Video Cable
Lipstick Diagram

Part No. Resolution Pick-up Device Scanning System Light Sensitivity Lens S/N Ratio Iris Power
V-3214L 320 TV Lines 1/4" CCD 525 Lines 8 Lux 2.1mm, f2.9 >45 dB Auto Iris 12V Supply Included


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