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V-1292B-2MP (59.94/29.97fps) | V-1292-2MP (60/50/30/25fps)
2.5MP Full-HD Color Board Camera
• 2.5 Megapixel 1/3-inch CMOS Sensor • M12 Lens Mount • V-1292B-2MP: 1920x1080p59.94/29.97, 1920x1080i59.94, 1280x720p59.94/29.97fps • V-1292-2MP: 1920x1080p60/50/30/25, 1920x1080i60/50, 1280x720p60/50/30/25fps • 3G/HD-SDI (BNC) & CVBS (BNC) on breakout cable (included) • Captures sharp & vivid color images at 0.2 lux (low light sensitive) • New WDR function supports high speed & high sensitivity to various light sources • OSD Menu Joystick on Breakout Cable (included) • Stepped (Red/Blue) Gain Control, Gamma, Brightness and Shutter adjusts
2.5MP Full-HD Color Board Camera
V-1292B-2MP Dimensional Diagram