Marshall Electronics Optical Division - Multi-Function Miniature B&W Camera for the automobile, industrial video, covert security, and surveillance markets.

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V-1208 EOL
Multi-Function Miniature B&W Camera

Multi Function Miniature Camera   The V-1208 is a special board camera designed to operate in different modes for various industrial and scientific applications. The V-1208 offers a mirror-image function ideal for auto, truck and airplane applications. The V-1208 has AGC and dip switches on the back of the board to control the camera's different functions. Its 12mm lens mount allows the use of any Marshall 4300 Series miniature lens. It is also available in a pinhole lens version V-1208-PL ($185.00), and a C/CS mount version V-1208-C/CS ($169.00).
Price: $169.00

Normal Mode 1 Off, 2 Off, 3 On, 4 On
Fixed Shutter1 On, 2 On
Electronic Iris1 Off, 2 On
Mirror Image3 Off
AGC On Mode4 On

Miniature Camera Connector back

Resolution 400 TV Lines
Picture 542H × 492V
Signal to noise >48dB
Min. Illumination .1 Lux
Iris Control Auto (EE) or 1/60 fixed
Lens 3.6mm f2.0
Connectors 3 wire plug-in (video, power, ground)
Power 12 VDC, +/-5%, 120 mA
Operating Temp. -10 C to +55 C
Relative Humidity 0-95% Non condencing
Weight 20 grams, (0.7 oz)
Size 1.25" × 1.25" × 0.7"
Price $169.00