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Marshall Electronics Optical Division - Miniature B&W Board Camera for the automobile, industrial video, covert security, and surveillance markets.

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Miniature B&W Board Camera

Miniature B and W Board Camera

The V-1205 featuring 0.05 lux is the first low cost board camera to equal or surpass human vision in low light conditions. This amazing camera comes with 3.6mm lens and electronic auto-iris shutter on a single circuit board. Lens can be adjusted to focus as close as 1/2" distance. The M12 miniature lens mount allows the use of Marshall M12 4300, 4400, 4700 Series miniature lenses.

Resolution 400 TV Lines
Picture 542H × 492V
Signal to noise >48dB
Min. Illumination .05 Lux
Iris Control Electronic
Lens 3.6mm f2.0
Connectors 3 wire plug-in (video, power, ground)
Power 12V DC, 100mA
Size 1.73" × 1.75" × 1.22"
Price $189.00


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