Optical Systems Division

Marshall Electronics Optical System Division has a variety of BNC connectors and cable assembly.

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High Performance BNC Connectors & Cable Assembly

These miniature, lightweight coaxial connectors are designed for use in Video, Multimedia and Broadcasting, Medical, Computer and Test instrumentation applications where frequent coupling and decoupling is necessary. Marshall offers a wide range of BNC's for every cable style, BNC cable assemblies and coax cables are available for any video application.

High-Performance 75W Male

  • Brass, gold plated center contact
  • Teflon or polypropylene insulation
  • Crimp or solder center pin
  • Quick crimp strain relief

Brass, Gold plated center contact sample
Part No.
Cable Type
 22 AWG RG-59/U, -62, -71M, -140, 210

3-Piece Crimp Male

  • Precision 50W connector
  • Crimp or solder center contact
  • Extended crimping area provides maximum cable retention

3 piece Crimp Male sample
Part No.
Cable Type
 22 AWG, RG-59 with gold center pin
 26 AWG, RG-174, 188
 W2947 Mini coax

2-Piece Fastfit Crimp-on Male

  • Ultra fast assembly: strip the cable, twist the center conductor then crimp the shield!
  • No need to crimp or solder the center contact

2 Piece FAstfit Crimp-on Male
Part No.
Cable Type
 22 AWG RG-59, -62, Marshall W8441


Various Adapters
Part No.
F - F Coupler
F - M - F "T" Coupler
F - M Rt Angle
 F - F - F "T" Coupler

75W Terminators

75W Terminators
Part No.
 5% 1 watt
 1% 1/2 watt
 0.1% 1/4 watt

BNC Male-Male Patch Cords

  • Heavy duty precision molded strain relief
  • Brass center contact, silver or gold plated
  • Standard colors are black cable with Custom molded colors available

BNC Male-Male Patch Cords

Hi Definition Superflex
Part No.
Part No.

Video Coax Cable

Video Coax Cable

 W8441 - 1000
 RG/59 22AWG Solid center braid shield, .242' O.D.
 W8450 - 1000
 RG/59 22AWG CCS 19×34BC braid shield, .242' O.D.
 W2964 - 656
 Miniature superflexible 24 AWG, 20×.12 OFC, served shield, .189 O.D.
 W2965 - 500
 Dual version of W9264
 Miniature 27 AWG, 20×35 braid shield, .157 O.D.

One BNC does it all - Saves time and frustration when you can't find the cable
to fit the BNC or the BNC to fit the cable


  • Accepts any cable, miniature through RG/59
  • Solder center pin/crimp or solder shield
  • 100% shielded screw-on metal cover
  • Gold plated center pin
  • Comes with optional strain relief for 0.05" to 0.2" cables available


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