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The NCB-2010 Network Control box is a comprehensive remote control solution for Marshall's IMD (In-Monitor Display) line of monitors. The NCB-2010 offers complete control of each monitor's menu settings and adjustments such as contrast, color, curtain color, aspect ratio, and more. The NCB-2010 can control up to 256 monitors individually by ID#, or up to 512 monitors simultaneously on a global scale. The NCB-2010 also enables the use of third party UMD controllers such as Image Video or TSL, while maintaining remote control of the monitor's settings and adjustments. The NCB-2010 is operated with a web interface via a standard TCP/IP network connection. No special application or additional software is needed other than a standard web browser.


In-Monitor Display (IMD)
Network Control Box

Owner's Manual
Network Control Box model NCB-1010
Limited quantity available. Please contact Bernie Keach for more information.
  • Ethernet: RJ-45 (supports 10/100)
  • RS-485 input connection for 3rd party IMD/Tally controller
  • Four RS-485 output ports to connect to Marshall Monitors
  • Each RS-485 port can support up to 128 LCD panels
  • Send and retrieve all internal monitor functions
  • Supported Protocol: Image Video, TSL, Marshall
  • Web browser interface

This 1RU network control box passes through Under-Monitor Display (UMD) protocols to be displayed on Marshall Electronics IMD-capable monitors. The NCB-2010 offers complete control of each monitor's menu functions and controls such as contrast, color, curtain color, ratio, etc. The monitors can also be controlled individually, by group, or on a global scale. The NCB-2010 connects directly to any TCP/IP 10/100 Ethernet connection. No special application is required since operability interfaces directly through any regular web browser.


IMD Video Wall LAN Diagram

NCB-2010 a easy-to-navigate user interface

The NCB-2010 has an easy-to-navigate user interface. The operability interfaces through any regular web browser which allows direct access to OSD and Display functionality and control.

NCB-2010 Specifications
Max LCD panel control (per NCB) 512
Max LCD panel per port 128
Ports RJ-45 (10/100 compatible) x 1, RS-485 control port x 1 (IN), RS-485 x 4 (OUT)
Protocols Image Video, TSL, Marshall
Max cable run (RS-485) 2000' per port
Dimensions 18.96"W x 1.72"H x 8.37"D (481.584mm x 43.688 mm x 212.598mm)
Weight 5.5 lbs.
Power Consumption Approx. 50W


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