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  Tajimi Connectors

Tajimi Electronics is a well-known manufacturer of superior quality connectors.

Manufactured exclusively in Japan, specialties include multiple pin waterproof circular connectors, conventional and
sub miniature RF connectors in a number of configurations, and hybrid optical connectors.
Circular Connectors
    TC1108 Series
    R04 Series
    R28 Series
    R14 Series
  Miniature Circular Connectors
    TRC01 Series
    PRC Series (Push-pull Circular Connector)
  Circular Connectors
    R01, R03 & R05 Series
  RF Coaxial Connectors
  Coaxial Connectors
  BNC Series
  BNCS Series (One-Touch BNC Connector)
  Patch Jacks
  Patch Plugs
  Patch Panels
  Optical Connectors
  Cable Assembly

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