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Patch Jacks

This is a dual video jack with switch system installed. This patch jack is equipped with function for jack, looping plug and termination plug. The outer diameter of the contact of this patch jack fits the Western Electric (W.E.) specification 2.29mm ().090 inch).


Characteristic Impedance: 75W
Frequency Range: DC-600MHz
Contact Resistance: 120mW max. (DC100mA)
Insulation Resistance: DC500V 1000MW min
Withstanding Voltage: DC1000V (rms)
V.S.W.R.: 1.2 max (10MHz~600MHz)
Termination Resistor: 75W 1/2 watt
Crosstalk: 200MHz max. -50dB min
                 600MHz max. -40dB min


Parts Materials Plating
Body Aluminum alloy Nickel
Connector Shell Brass Nickel
Contacts Copper alloy Gold
Insulation Teflon  

Part No. Resistor Fig. No.
PJ2-101TA75 75W A
PJ2-104A - B
PJ2-102TA75 75W C
PJ2-103A - D


Mounting Hole Dimensions

Fig. A

Fig. B

Fig. C

Fig. D

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