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TAJIMI Optical Connectors
» Features
  • The three-guide-ball "push-pull" one-touch lock system is adopted assuring reliable connection and easy to use. Different from a threaded system, this system has advantages such as a snap feeling that confirms locking, less metal wear and superior reproducibility finding its way in wide variety of industrial applications.
  • The System enables power supply in addition to transmission of optical and electric signals.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications with flexible combinations in the range from 2 optical pins / 4 electric pins to 6 optical pins.
  • Ultra tight waterproof in the connected state in heavy duty use. Superior weather-proof feature with protection boots and a waterproof cap.
  • Excellent cable connection strength suitable for cabling in the field. Mechanical cable connecting system withstanding environmental changes.
  • Coaxial shield processing structure resistant to external noises caused by electric signals or a power source.
  • Cable assemblies such as compound multi-cable, and fiber cords with FC- and SC-type connectors are also available.
» Applications
  • DTV / HDTV camera system
  • Graphics transmission system
  • Outdoor / indoor monitoring system
  • LAN system
  • Industrial robotics
» Specifications
Connections Push-Pull Lock
Number of Pins 6 pins
Optical 2 / Electrical 4 pins Optical 6 pins
Optical Insertion Loss 0.5dB max. 0.7dB max. (SMF)
0.5dB max (MMF)
Return Loss 30~50dB (depending upon the polishing method)
Applicable Fiber GI 50/125 (Multi-Mode), SM 10/125 (Single-Mode)
Mechanical &
(connected stage)
IP67 (at a water depth of 1.5m, 48H)
Durability 5,000 cycles 3,000 cycles
Corrosion Resistance MIL-STD-202 Method 101 48H
Electrical (Optic
Electric Hybrid
Type Only)
Voltage Rating AC500V (rms)
Current Rating 10A
Withstanding Voltage Contact to Contact AC2,000V (rms),
Body to Contact AC1,000V (rms)
Insulation Resistance DC1000V 1,000MW min
Dimension (mm) Length / Max. Outer Diameter OPS92401-P 125mm / Ø26.5mm
OPS92402-J 122mm / Ø22.5mm
OPS2402-R 43mm / 29mm
OPS2404-PR 44mm / 29mm
(Coupling Ring O.D. Ø36)
*As for "the optical character ability value of product" and "the optical character ability value in  durability", there is case deteriorating with a stain by dust. However, minimum can restrain this  degradation by executing "maintenance" of the end face cleaning of an optics ferrules. "Periodical  cleaning of ferrule end face" is very effective in use of product.

» Models

Connector Part No. No. of Pins
Configuration Boot Part No. Cap Part No. Cable
OPS92401-P-(c) Opt.2/Ele.4 Plug FS121-PB FS122-PC 7084B (Belden) (Ø9.2)
OPS92402-J-(c) Jack FS123-JB FS124-JC
OPS92405-P-(c) Plug FS121-PB FS122-PC M96040 (Mohawk/CDT) (Ø9.2)
OPS92406-J-(c) Jack FS123-JB FS124-JC
OPS92407-P-(c) Plug FS121-PB FS122-PC M96414 (Mohawk/CDT) (Ø8.6)
OPS92408-J-(c) Jack FS123-JB FS124-JC
OPS2402-R Receptacle ------- FS125-RC Ø2.0 Fiber code × 2
OPS2404-PR Plug
------- FS126-PC

*Color rings of plug and jack are optional from the table below. Add register color code in (c).

Color Red Green Blue Black Gray None

» Plug


» Jack


» Plug Receptacle


» Receptacle

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