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Professional BNC Patch Cords

  • Molded In Our California Facility with Heavy Duty Strain Relief
  • Excellent for Test Equipment and Professional Video Systems
Standard Series
Assembled in our Southern California factory using top quality 75-Ohm BNC connectors, American made RG59 cable with 95% coverage braided shield. 100% reliability, injection molded strain relief for extremely rugged assemblies.
High Definition Series
A super flexible version with an exclusive 19 strand center conductor RG59 for unmached flexibility and life. Foamed dielectric for improved definition.

Bulk cable Part No W8441
Part No Length
8401M 1 ft
8403M 3 ft
8406M 6 ft
8412M 12 ft
8425M 25 ft
8450M 50 ft
8475M 75 ft
84100M 100 ft
Bulk cable Part No W8450
Part No Length
9401M 1 ft
9403M 3 ft
9406M 6 ft
9412M 12 ft
9425M 25 ft
9450M 50 ft
9475M 75 ft
94100M 100 ft

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