Marshall Electronics

Video Coax & Rack Panel Accessories

Mogami Subminiature Coax

Widely used in industry for test equipment, the security and medical fields where cables must be thin and flexible, yet carry an image with minimal degradation. These cables are made with all oxygen-free copper (OFC).

Part No Description Gauge Stranding Insulation Shield Jacket OD Capacitance
75 Ohm coax
#27AWG 7×35 stranded bare copper Foam PE 0.077" (1.95mm) Braided copper 16/4/0.12A PVC 0.130" (3.3mm) 18.9 pF/ft
AWM VW-1 Ultra-miniature 75 Ohm
#33AWG Solid, copper covered piano wire XLFPRE 0.051" (1.3mm) Served 38/0.10TA PVC 0.079" (2.0mm) 22.3 pF/ft
50 Ohm high-density multi-strand
#31AWG 1×38 steel 6×38 copper XLPE 0.035" (0.9mm) Served 38/0.10A PVC 0.063" (1.6mm) 33.6 pF/ft

Video Runner RG/59

This standard RG/59 coaxial cable can be used in professional and home video applications. Features include a rugged, flexible construction with a 95% coverage braided copper shield and a center conductor which surpasses industry standards.

Part No Description Gauge Stranding Insulation Shield Jacket OD
W8441 #22AWG Solid copper 0.0253" PE dielectric Braided copper PVC 0.242" (6.15mm)
W8450 #22AWG 19×34 stranded bare copper PE dielectric Braided copper PVC 0.242" (6.15mm)

Contact & Connector Enhancer
(Deoxit - D5) - Part No D5S-6

Improves conductivity, deoxidizes and protects connectors and contacts. Also protects against airborne contaminants which reduce contact effectiveness. Use on all types of metals without harm. Noted for its ability to improve sound transparency in high quality audio applications, great for use on plugs, jacks, switch contacts, and banana plugs.