RCA Jacks & Adapters


High-end gold-plated RCA plug for heavy-duty use. Isolated ground. Tough ABS resin body resists deformation caused by soldering. Panel mounting hole 0.510", thickness, 0.10"


Nickel-plated, heavy-duty panel jack for high-end equipment. Mounts in panels up to 0.150", panel mounting hole = 0.393". Furnished with hex nut.


Gold-plated panel mount jack. Glass fiber reinforced ABS. For all Pro-Audio applications. Mounts in panels up to 0.320" thick, panel mounting hole = 0.393".


RCA In-Line Jack
Screw-on shielded handle. 0.185" cable entry

C-4420 RCA In-Line Jack

Plastic screw-on handle. Cable clamp. 0.185" cable entry
C-4420-00 = Black
C-4420-02 = Red

C-4400 / C-4401

RCA-type video plug for RG/59 cable. Crimp shield, solder center conductor
C-4400 - 5/16" ring
C-4401 - 1/2" ring


Right angle PC mount jack. Heavy gold plated. Ideal for all audio installations.
PC board layout


RCA type video plug with spring lock gripping action for RG/59. Fully shielded body, crimp shield center conductor

C-4424 RCA-RCA Coupler

RCA female to RCA female. Nylon insulation. Use in all audio and RF applications. Can be used as a feed-thru patch bay connector. Mounts in a 3/8" hole in panels up to 0.235" thick. Includes hex nut and washer.

Front Mount RCA Phono Panel Jack

Popular nickel-plated, color-coded phono jack w/solder tip. Color coded insulation to identify channels. Supplied with grounding flag washer, flat washer, and hex nut. Hole diameter - 0.240"


Adapters - XLR to RCA

Female to Female - NA2FPMF
Female to Female - NA2FPMF

RCA Looping Plug
KP-127 - 18mm
KP-128 - 14mm