BNC Connectors
Designed for use in Broadcast telecommunications systems, audio, video, medical, computer, and test instrumentation applications where frequent coupling and decoupling is necessary. Marshall offers a wide range of BNCs for every cable style and in either 50 or 75 ohm matched impedances. 50 ohm connectors operate over a range of 0-4 GHz; 75 ohm over a range of 0-2 GHz.

Hi-Performance 75 ohm Male Connectors

Brass, gold plated center contact
Teflon or polypropylene insulation
Crimp or solder center pin
Quick crimp strain relief

Part No. Cable Type
BNC-1789-2 RG-59

3 piece Male Crimp-Crimp

Precision 50 ohm connector
Crimp or solder center contact
Extended crimping area provides maximum cable retention

Part No. Cable Type
CMC-88-8218 RG-8218, Mogami 2947

2 piece Fastfit® Crimp-on


Precision 50 ohm connector
Ultra fast assembly; just strip cable, twist in
the center conductor and crimp the shield!
No need to crimp or solder center contact
Contact design assures positive alignment
Brass, gold plated center contact

Part No. Cable Type
CP-88-2-59 22 AWG RG-59, -62, Marshall W8441

MARSHALL Universal BNC Connector Accepts
Any Cable Up to .25" O.D.

One BNC does it all - Saves time and frustration when you can't find the cable to fit the BNC or the BNC to fit the cable
Part No. C-600 This "UNI-COAX" BNC is the first professional, fully-shielded BNC connector that can be soldered as easily as a photo plug without worrying about matching cable OD's, crimp tools, or difficult assembly procedures. Unlike crimp type connectors, the "UNI-COAX" BNC lets you see exactly what you are doing, assuring quick and accurate assembly.
A large easy-to-reach solder cup handles any wire up to 14 AWG. A heavy duty cable clamp provides secure strain and pull relief, optional snap-in plastic boot for excellent strain relief on small OD cables.
(Part# PJ051NXS)