Marshall Electronics is a leading manufacturer of LCD rack mounts, LCD monitors, camera-tops, audio monitors, outdoor monitors, portable monitors, video converters, jib monitors, video servers and cameras for all multimedia broadcasting environments. Our products feature high resolution display, SDI, HD-SDI, video input/output, LCD display, High definition screens, multi rack units, Multiviewer, Quad Viewer, OLED, 3G, digital video, SMPTE, studio setting, In-Monitor Display, IMD, HDTV, embedded audio, speakers, closed caption, video display, audio, HD, rack, rack mount, VGA, DVI, HDMI, LCD camera-top display, triple rate SDI, super transflective, USB, LED backlight, anti-reflective, post, jib, ambient light, widescreen, video monitoring, high ambient light monitor display, 5D and DSLR function.


V-1214-IR-Hood Outdoor housing for V-1214-IR Lens
V-PL28-CS-01 Hood
V-PL35CS-01 Hood
V-Z6PL0-01 Hood Housing for V-ZPL06 Lens
V-ZPL12-01 Hood
V-ZPL1050-01 Hood Housing for V-ZPL1050-01 Lens


V-1212-CM Ceiling Mount for V-1212-BNC Camera

Power Supply

Power Supply

V-PS12-500 12VDC (500ma) Regulated Power Supply with Coax Connector
V-PS12-1000 12VDC (1A) Regulated Power Supply with Coax Connector
V-PS24T 24VAC Power Supply with Screw Terminal
V-PS12-1070 12VDC Power Supply with BNC Adapter
V-1255-B-CST-01 Custom Cable for V-1255 Camera